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This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved husband and father, Michael Raymond Halus, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1966 and passed away June 2, 2005 at the age of 39. He was a husband, father, son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew and friend, loved by all who knew him. He was a kid at heart who loved his cars, golf, music, nachos and diet pepsi. He had many friends and was always there when they needed him no matter what. He was a loving, caring person, full of life and jokes until his addiction and bi-polar disorder got the best of him. On June 2nd he could cope no more and said goodbye to this world to go to a better place of peace and tranquility. His demons could hurt him no more. He is now flying with the angels and we know he is always with us, watching over us. He will remain in my thoughts and heart forever. This is my tribute to you Mike-the person I fell in love with and the beautiful angel you now are. 

Please feel free to light a candle in Mike's honor or visit the Tributes and Condolences page to share your memories of Mike. Thank you for your prayers and for keeping Mike's memory alive.

Lift up your heads and your hearts, surely you did your best. And surely the loved one who is gone did his best, for as long as he could. Remember, now that his battles and torments are over, do not judge him and do not fathom the mind of God where one of his children is concerned.      from The Healing Of Sorrow


Don't judge me for how I left this world,
Remember the love I gave.
Alot of grief will follow me,
For the decision that I made.
Change's appear in everyone's life,
Some good, some bad.
The one I chose for myself,
Made everyone very sad.
But in time memories will heal the hurt of hearts,
And my presence will be felt by all with an inner peace.
Remember me when the sun is bright & laughter fills the air,
And a moonlit night and a whipser of wind,
Will tell you, I am there.
Don't look down on my family, 
Or fill their hearts with blame.
For my leaving them without goodbyes,
They will never be the same.
If I could go, back in time,
I'd say a last goodbye,
I'd tell them to look to tomorrow,
And for me...do not cry...

Authour Unknown


"The time came, when the pain it took to stay, was greater than the pain it took to go."
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Tributes and Condolences
20th Wedding Anniversary   / Valerie Halus (wife)
It was 20 years ago today that we said "I do" on a sunny December 7th,1996. 20 years!! I remember you crying as I walked up the aisle. You looked so handsome in your white tux. We said our vows, lite our candle and shared our first kiss as husband an...  Continue >>
Peace much love   / Donna Dean (friend)
Mike I think of you often and hope that all the peace and love to you forever and ever.  I hung out with "the crew" from 1987-1995 and he always loved my Persian cat and made a face like him saying he always looked mad.  Well Im s...  Continue >>
like a brother   / Timothy Hunter (good friend )
Through the 90's Mike and I became the best of friends. everything from golfing to pinball we where usually together. Even in our bad times we could depend on one another. In 2000 i left the "Burgh" to better my life with my family and we lost touc...  Continue >>
3 Year Anniversary   / Val Halus (wife)
Today it has been three years since you left this world. It seems like only yesterday and the memory of that time is still clear in my head. The unanswered questions, remain unanswered and forever will be. I know the pain you suffered here and hope t...  Continue >>
Letter to Mike   / Val (Wife)
I know you were with us as we travelled to Pittsburgh this past weekend. All the memories came flooding back and standing in Carol's backyard looking at our house made me realize how much I miss it, the city and you. So much has changed in three year...  Continue >>
With compassion born of experience  / Judi Hopkin ((FFOS) Friend of Valerie )    Read >>
Happy New Year Valerie  / Janet Studdard (Friend Of Valerie )    Read >>
To Where You Are  / Valerie (wife)    Read >>
Memories / Joanne Biggar (Good friend of his wife )    Read >>
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